What is WISBA?

The Wienerberger Sustainable Building Academy (WISBA) is an international educational program in cooperation with TU Graz, ETH Zurich, TU Munich, TU Warsaw, KU Leuven, VU Brussels, Budapest University of Technology and Economics and WU Vienna.

The program is set up for exceptionally well-qualified and motivated students studying Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering in order to support them to further develop their knowledge in sustainable building.

The Wienerberger Sustainable Building Academy program is carried out 2014 in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland. For their participation in the program, students will receive 5 ECTS points which will be accounted for by the respective universities.

24 students from Austrian, Belgian, German, Hungarian, Polish and Swiss Universities take part in the program, four students from each country.

Project topics

The program revolves around project work dealing with sustainable building that the students – divided into interdisciplinary and international groups of four students each – are working on during the semester. The following topics are dealt:

  • Brick design to prevent summer overheating
  • Building Labels
  • Environmental Indicators
  • Resource Efficient Wall Systems
  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources
  • The Ethics of Brick Construction

The program

The training program consists of different modules (start conference, workshops, result conference) and research projects on sustainable building topics that will be carried out by the students during this period.

  • Start Conference | 15th - 19th Sept. 2014 | Germany, Munich

The Start Conference provides state of the art knowledge in the field of sustainable building, in general, as well as specific information regarding the six project topics. Furthermore, the students are going to start their project work.

  • Workshops | Sept. 2014 until Dec. 2014 | Brussels, Warsaw, Zurich, Budapest

Student – split into two groups – take part in two further workshops for three days each in Brussels, Warsaw, Zurich and Budapest under the direction of the national committees. Each of the six project topics is discussed, the student groups present the current status of their work, and input on all project topics is provided by the hosting national committee.

  • Result Conference | Dec. 2014 | Austria, Vienna

The WISBA Results Conference takes place in Austria. The final project results will be presented by the student groups. The international advisory board, which supports the students throughout the WISBA program, will evaluate the final project work and give constructive feedback.

National Committees and International Advisory Board

The national committees are appointed for each target country to participate as experts in the national workshops and to act as supervisors of the students within the framework of the national project work during the whole semester.

  • National Commitee Austria: Peter Maydl (University of Technology Graz), Karin Stieldorf (TU Vienna), Peter Holzer (Institute of Building Research and Innovation), Christian Weinhapl (Wienerberger Austria)
  • National Commitee Belgium: Anita Ory (Wienerberger Belgium), Karen Allacker (KU Leuven), Niels De Temmermann (VU Brussels)
  • National Commitee Germany: Florian Musso (TU Munich), Johannes Edmüller (Schlagmann Poroton)
  • National Commitee Hungary: Péter Medgyasszay (Budapest University of Technology and Economics), Eszter Gellén (Wienerberger Hungary)
  • National Commitee Poland: Jerzy Kwiatkowski (TU Warsaw), Piotr Narowski (TU Warsaw), Jerzy Klimm (Wienerberger Poland)
  • National Commitee Switzerland: Guillaume Habert (ETH Zurich), Michael Fritsche (ZZ Wancor AG)

The international advisory board consists of six members of the national committees, plus Gerhard Koch as a Board member representative of Wienerberger AG. The members of the international advisory board serve as the jury at the final project conference and evaluate the project work according the criteria specified.

  • Peter Maydl, Austria | Karen Allacker, Belgium | Florian Musso, Germany | Péter Medgyasszay, Hungary I Jerzy Kwiatkowski, Poland | Guillaume Habert, Switzerland


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